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In the beginning, this was an untamed wilderness, rivers and lakes and glimmering pools, vast wastes of endless green forests extending westward to the prairie country.  To this untamed land came the trader, missionary and soldier.  Again, their ghostly campfires seem to burn, and the fitful light is cast around on Lord and Vassel and black-robed Priest, mingled with wild forms of savage warriors, knit in close fellowship on the same stern errand.  That errand was to wrest this wilderness from the primeval sleep of centuries.

The St. Croix river and tributaries was long an ancient trade route and war path of the Chippewa and Sioux Indian Tribes.  The struggle between these tribes was finally settled in a last great battle on this river, when the Chippewa warriors under Chief Buffalo defeated the Sioux whose defeated band retired to the prairies to fight the last great Indian wars against the white invader.

It was truly the land of Hiawatha, where members of the so-called lost tribe of the Turtle clan hunted, fished, trapped, fought and pursued their ancient culture and worshipped their gods.

Douglas County has put weight restrictions of 5 tons on all Town roads.As of 1200 noon January 29, 2024

Douglas County Highway Department will be lifting the County Trunk Highways weight restrictions on Friday, February 16, 2024 immediately.

If conditions warrant, weight limitations could be imposed with short notice.




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